The purpose of this site is to help teachers and students understand project-based learning in science classes, using browser-based media design software to create science content, and how students can become creative innovators. On our Blogs page, you can read posts about why teaching creativity is essential in science education, the characteristics of project-based learning, and examples of excellent student projects. On the Frameworks page, you can view videos that explain the theoretical and conceptual frameworks used for my doctoral dissertation, including pedagogies and planned research. On the Software Training page there are linked videos that will train you how to use browser-based media design software to create your own science media content. The Elements Unearthed is a link to my blog about science education, the chemical elements, and global awareness. The Spaced Out Classroom is a link to my blog on astronomy education. Click the About button to find out more about who I am and my background and experience.

The goal of this site is to move science classrooms from passive, teacher-centered activities to students as creative innovators: makers, designers, coders, engineers, scientists, and problem-solvers.

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