A diagram of the theoretical and conceptual frameworks, pedagogies, processes, and intended outcomes of my dissertation research.

This page will contain videos and descriptions of the theoretical and conceptual frameworks I will be using for my doctoral dissertation, along with pedagogies and research methodologies. I have completed all coursework toward my Doctor of Education (Ed.D) degree at the University of Northern Colorado and this page will report on my progress and observations as I study how to implement project-based learning and student-created media design in science classes.

For an overview of the project, here is an explanatory video:

Link to a video about project-based learning (PjBL) in science classes and an overview of my doctoral dissertation.

To learn more about project-based learning as it applies to science classes, what we mean by “Gold Standard” PjBL, and some hypothetical examples of potential student projects and their timeline, here is another video:

This video shows the possibilities of project-based learning in science classrooms.

For new discoveries to take place, for new solutions to be found for problems we face, for continued economic development and to preserve our way of life, innovation is crucial. Without innovation, countries and societies stagnate and decline. Creativity is an essential part of innovation. Given how important it is to support creativity and innovation, we should be doing a much better job of teaching these skills to K-12 students, especially those interested in pursuing careers in STEM fields. The following video explains just how essential creativity and innovation are for STEM students, why we aren’t teaching them as well as we should, and provides the rationale for my doctoral dissertation research.

This video explains the necessity for teaching creativity and innovation in STEM courses.

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