About David V. Black

David Black in the Flight Director’s chair in the Apollo era Mission Control Room at Johnson Space Center, Houston; 2004.

I am a veteran high school science and technology teacher in Utah. I have taught in public, charter, and private schools and at M-Tech (formerly Mountainland Applied Technology Center) in Utah Valley, where I taught media design technology classes for graphic design, desktop publishing, video production, and 3D animation. As a science teacher I have taught chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, earth science, forensic science, computer science, and engineering design.

David V. Black

I have participated in a number of NASA education workshops including the NASA Educator Workshops for Mathematics and Science Teachers (NEWMAST) program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA in 1998. I was then chosen as part of the NASA/JPL Solar System Educators Program to receive additional training on space missions and share that training by conducting my own educator workshops in Utah. In 2002 I was chosen as the Educator Facilitator at JPL for the NASA Explorer Schools program and helped to plan and implement educator workshops at JPL for 100 teachers across the country. I am also a MAVEN Educator Ambassador and a SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador, having flown on the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) in 2013. Recently I have been part of the Teacher Innovator Institute at the National Air and Space Museum. I am including my resume here with more details on my achievements:

David Black

After 32 years of classroom teaching at the high school level I am embarking on a new adventure by completing a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) degree at the University of Northern Colorado. I have completed all coursework and comprehensive exams and am now working on my dissertation. This web site is set up to report on the progress of my research and to provide training videos for students and teachers to create digital media as they master science content.

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